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Becoming the number one wholesaler in the Netherlands: that is our goal. As an E-commerce Manager at our head office, you contribute directly to this. Do you know how to convey the vision to internal and external discussion partners and to monitor progress? You can keep an overview like no other. And do you provide guidance and enthusiasm? Then we would be happy to build a great Makro together with you

As an E-commerce Manager, you and the local IT team are responsible for the implementation of internationally developed functionalities developed by METRO digital. 

What are you going to do 

As an E-Commerce Manager, you and the team ensure that turnover grows by, among other things, analysing the customer journey and processes, improving marketing activities and optimizing our assortment. In collaboration with colleagues from the Horeca team and Master data you give substance to strategy for the Horeca channel in particular. As E-Commerce Manager you optimize the end-to-end customer journey in collaboration with the Horeca Delivery Service colleagues. In addition, you are the point of contact for METRO.digital for coordinating the wishes for the Dutch market and for your Horeca Delivery Service colleagues for internal requirements.  

You know how to convey the vision to internal and external discussion partners and you monitor progress. And as a specialist in the field of digitization of the customer journey, you are a sparring partner for them. You lead the E-commerce Assortment Specialist. 

Points of attention in this position 

  • Close cooperation with / dependence on Germany 

  • Juggling multiple balls / projects at the same time 

  • Streamlining processes across multiple departments 

  • Translating the strategy to our online shop 

  • Strong short-term and long-term vision (low hanging fruit vs structural changes) 

  • Marketing experience / Customer journey optimization. 

  • IT / development experience  Understand the Ecom landscape and systems 

  • Google Analytics experience 

  • Further rollout of google analytics required (experience would be a plus). 


We are looking for you 

You have HBO work and thinking level and preferably 4-5 years of experience in an e-commerce environment. You are creative, have a passion for IT and e-commerce. You also have a good knowledge of Google Analytics. Finally, you have experience with Horeca. Because you will also interact a lot with METRO Digital, you are fluent in English (oral and written) in addition to Dutch. 

Which competencies are important in this position? 

You are perfectly capable of taking stock of the wishes and needs of the internal customer and acting and responding to them. You maintain an overview, think and work problem-solving. Of course you are quality-oriented and result-oriented. You feel like a fish in water when you have several projects running at the same time.

That's why you want to work at Makro 

Help build the Makro of the future. You get a lot of freedom, responsibility and the opportunity to really make a difference. Working together with a driven, enterprising and diverse group of people. Mako is part of a large international parent organization: METRO AG. One of the largest and most important retail and food service companies in the world. The lines within our organization are short. This allows you to get things done quickly and you can really mean something. An attractive salary, good working conditions, pension scheme and staff discount. Lots of opportunities to grow big - both professionally and personally. An excellent company restaurant where you can even take home hot meals. 

The whole of enterprising Netherlands can count on Makro 

With seventeen branches and more than 3,500 employees, Makro is a household name in the Netherlands. Our goal? Becoming the number one wholesaler in our country. We believe in the opportunities ahead. Offer the right offer at any time. Surprise customers with the very best service. And continuously coming up with innovative solutions. 



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